We are calling out to members of the public, celebrities, youth movements, leaders, and health heroes globally from all walks of life, representative of a wide array of ethnicities, cultures, countries, genders and age groups to be a part of this special, worldwide family, by singing along to the song for our music video.

Here’s how and don’t forget to follow physical distancing guidelines during your performance:

Familiarise yourself with the original lyrics and watch the teaser video of the special cover of We Are Family below.

All you need to film yourself is a smartphone or camera held in landscape mode. Be sure to film yourself singing or lip-syncing to the chorus and pick a few lines from the song’s verse.

Share your video on your favourite social media channel, with the hashtags #WeAreFamily #COVID19 #HealthForAll #UnityStrong and tag the World Health Organization, the WHO Foundation and The World We Want. Click here for all the social media handles.

Upload your video using this form

Here’s some ideas
for your film:

You can record yourself as you jam on your own or with your family/friends in your living room, while washing your hands or cooking, to holding up a placard of gratitude.
You may like to record yourself conducting a video call with individuals who are sadly not with you during this time. They could be your grandparents, your partner or friends in your hometown or another country.
You may also have friends/family who are part of the frontline team of scientists, doctors, nurses, police officers, NGOs. It would be great if you could share this request to them too as we would be honoured to feature them in our video.
Please feel free to express unity, togetherness and solidarity in whichever creative form you would like to!