In march this year, when the world officially stopped in its tracks as quarantine orders went global and life as we knew it seemed so distant, acclaimed singer Kim Sledge, member of the world renowned recording group Sister Sledge, knew it was time to act.

In support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization powered by the UN Foundation and Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, The World We Want has joined hands with Kim Sledge who, at the suggestion of her good friend Lou Weisbach, is releasing a 2020 special edition cover of one of the world’s most instantly recognizable anthems, WE ARE FAMILY, as well as Kim’s original new song Unity Strong Come Together with Family Sledge, to bring the world together during these challenging times.

We are calling on YOU to be a part of a unique music video for kim sledge’s cover release of the classic hit we are family.


We are bringing everyone from around the world together to make history.
Through the power of music, We Are Family is an anthem we can sing aloud at the top of our lungs to show solidarity and support during the COVID-19 pandemic and to thank the incredible health workers and crucial workforces risking their lives around the world to save ours.
From the doctors and nurses on the front lines, to the paramedics and police, from the midwives and scientists to the carers for the vulnerable, we salute you.
We Are Family is an anthem of global unity, strength and solidarity in response to the unprecedented challenges we are facing, but will ultimately overcome, and we are using the power of music to bring


We want YOU to be a part of our unique music video. We want YOU to be a part of history!
Join personalities from around the world, from Bollywood stars to American music artists, government figures to African sports heroes, in the Unity Strong We Are Family viral video.
We are calling out to various communities and individuals across the world from all walks of life, representative of a vast array of ethnicities, cultures, countries, gender and age groups to get involved.

Here’s what YOU need to do:

You probably won’t need reminding but revisit the original We Are Family song to hear the melody and lyrics.

All you need to film yourself is a smartphone or camera held in landscape mode. Be sure to film yourself singing or lip-syncing to at least a few lines of the song so that we can cover the entirety of the anthem and not just the chorus with our clips. Here’s some ideas for your film:

  1. You can record yourself as you jam on your own or with your family/friends in your living room, whilst you’re cooking, or holding up a placard of gratitude.
  2. You may like to record yourself conducting a video call with individuals who are sadly not with you during this time. They could be your grandparents, your partner or friends in your hometown or another country.
  3. You may also have friends/family who are part of the frontline team of scientists, doctors, nurses, police officers, NGOs. It would be great if you could share this request to them too as we would be honoured to feature them in our video.

Optional! You might like to write a special Thank You message with a hashtag like #ThanksHealthHeroes for our health workers on an A4 sheet of paper as a placard of gratitude which you can hold up during your performance

Please feel free to express unity, togetherness and solidarity in whichever creative form you would like to!

Submission of Your Video:

Once you have recorded your video, please upload your video using our form below.

CLOSING DATE: Sunday 24th May 2020

How to Promote the Final Track:

We will send you a promotional pack filled with content to help you to promote the track on your social networks. We would love your support to bring the whole world together.

Terms and Conditions:

Deadline for Submission: It would be great if you could kindly send us your video by Sunday 24th May as we are keen to launch the video ASAP.

By submitting a video, you are giving permission for the video to be used in the final edit, which is expected to go viral to reach hearts and minds of people globally.

We will send you full details on the PR/social media plan and timelines in due course, along with suggested social media posts, as we would be grateful to include you in our promotions, with your approval.


Once you have recorded your video, please upload this using the form below. The closing date for submissions is Sunday 24th May 2020. In case you have any issues or queries regarding your video submission, please email